Series 2

Below you can find information about all ten titles that feature in Series 2 of Socialist Renewal.

Michael Barratt Brown - Third Way or Feeding the Fat Cats

Lionel Jospin - The Flame, Not the Ashes

Jack Straw's Briefing with a response by Ken Coates - Straw Wars: Full Spectrum Sychophancy

Dexter Whitfield - Public Services or Private Profit?

Peter Latham - The Captive Local State: Local Democracy Under Siege

Christopher Gifford - Safety First? Did the Health and Safety Commission do its Job?

Michael Barratt Brown - Third Way ... To Where?

David Donnison - Towards a More Equal Society

Michael Barratt Brown - The Captive Party: How Labour was taken over by Capital

John Grieve Smith - Welfare Reform: Means-tested versus Universal Benefits